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Music is Everything!

It is Essential to Life and Learning!

Gigantic Worx Defines Music!

Join us in the Musical Adventure of a Lifetime!

Music is Everything! It is Essential to Life and Learning!

Gigantic Worx Defines Music!

Join us in the Musical Adventure of a Lifetime!



The Gigantic Worx Mission:


Our Mission is to engage visitors in a series of immersive and interactive experiences that will inspire them to explore, not just GIGANTIC WORX, but also the social, political and economic importance of music, the arts and sciences. Our world-class programming and technologies synthesize these interconnected elements into exhibits which tie the universe together in a beautiful and unerring harmony - a harmony which speaks to and through us all.


GIGANTIC WORX act as a catalyst in providing a Central Resource for Supporting, Developing & Aiding Schools, Groups and Individuals who want to create music education programs, through foundations and institutions who seek to advocate music Programs & Opportunities.


By demonstrating these concepts in an uplifting, contemporary, and truly riveting way, GIGANTIC WORX will show how music, in partnership with the arts and sciences raises the level of knowledge with long-term benefits and a truly fulfilled life. For many young people this will be a first and life changing experience.




Each Gigantic Worx centre comprises seven magnificent domes, housing the spectacular technologically based immersive and interactive music experiences. The domes follow a celestial design, based on Pythagorus’s Music of the Spheres concept, as in the spiral design depicted in the GIGANTIC WORX logo (seen left). The dynamic look, and construction method, follows a “green” mandate, as pioneered by Monolithic Domes, a Texas-based company which has been perfecting dome construction for over 35 years. Our architects, Smith + Gill, based in Chicago and Beijing will oversea the integration of these domes into a stunning architectural masterpiece.

The innovative seven domed, 30+ acre GIGANTIC WORX facility will be constructed and outfitted with state of the art sound, projection, gaming and lighting technology. The Performance Dome is the largest of the domes, serving as a multi-media, planetarium style auditorium, complete with IMAX like projection, stage, domed screens, adjustable seating, all suitable to accommodate the most demanding musicians, performers, films and audiences.

The surrounding domes will house the exhibits and experiences, samples of which can be seen by clicking on each dome above. The Centre will offer educational program facilities and customisable special event/meeting spaces. In addition, our architects are busy drawing up plans to include a surrounding resort environment, to include hotels, themed restaurants, retail outlets, and specially designed courtyards around the domes will provide further entertainment from street musicians and music parades, which will all add to the magical qualities of each centre.

The unique Monolithic dome design has proven to be structurally and economically sound, as well as ecologically safe against catastrophic occurrences such as tornadoes, hurricanes, and other violent acts of nature. They will look pretty cool too, being designed to become landmarks wherever they are built. "



Alarming Global Trends in Music Education Programs

To illustrate global trends, we are citing a study conducted in 2004 by The Music for All Foundation. This study, “The Sound of Silence—The Unprecedented Decline in Music Education in California Public Schools,” uses data from the California Department of Education. It shows that 50 percent fewer students enrolled in music programs in 2003-04 than in 1999-2000. This study is a perfect example of what is occurring in schools around the world. 


The Sound of Silence makes this alarming statement, “The trends identified in this data indicate that if steps are not taken immediately to reverse declining enrolment, music education courses in California’s Public Schools will virtually disappear within a decade.”

For more details on this study visit:


GIGANTIC WORX is the perfect vehicle to fill this void, and counter negative results. The intention is to impact youth and visitors in a very positive and profound way. We understand these difficult financial times and the educational challenges governments across the world face and the necessity of difficult funding choices that must be made. However, scientific, social and economic research clearly shows that music and arts appreciation and education is of primary importance in young lives. We feel it is our responsibility to provide assistance and play an integral role in keeping these opportunities available to young and old alike, and in so doing, perpetuate cultures as a whole.

The Sound of silence

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