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Founder on the Challenge

Founder on the Challenge

Chevalier Richard Winter-Stanbridge GOTJ


The principle concept of GIGANTIC WORX is to embrace the impact that music has on mankind, culture and civilisation and to maintain its importance to us all in our education systems and our everyday lives.


For decades, governments and education authorities, in many countries, have cut funding to music and arts programs in schools. This is a tragedy for the whole of humanity, because music and the arts lie at the very core of our existence. A quote attributed to Plato, one of the fathers of Western civilisation, who considered music as a moral law, states that “It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind and life to everything... without music, life would be an error.”


Music has played an integral role in my life and without a doubt has impacted it in a profound way. However, we should all be very concerned that present and future generations are being deprived of an essential in life, namely a decent music education, which, if not addressed, will in time bring about cultural wastelands. In keeping with the philosophy of Hungarian composer, Zoltán Kodály, I believe that music is a prime necessity of life, and that music instruction must be part of general education for everyone, especially now when more and more neuroscientists are finding that music adds intrinsic value to all our learning. Drawing on a lifetime’s experience, I have worked on a solution, which I believe will combat the challenges we all face regarding the teaching of music in our schools...


GIGANTIC WORX advocates music as an essential part of life. These are set to become the ultimate music destinations, being awe-inspiring, multi-faceted centres, facilitating educational resources within a type of theme park environment, appealing to a wide demographic, but particularly to the young. GIGANTIC WORX destinations aim to reflect a similar magic that Walt Disney envisioned for Disneyland, a “world of imagination, hopes and dreams”. We are committed to creating innovative entertainment experiences for the entire family, concentrating on the phenomenal impact that music has in our lives. The idea is to present a fully interactive and immersive, auditory and visual exhibit-based, life-altering experience, uniquely housed in a series of large domes, and also utilising the grounds around them. The aim is to affect visitors lives, or circumstances in such a way as to permanently alter their perspective on music and its value to us all. In addition to being a cultural zeitgeist and a truly exciting destination, Gigantic Worx Foundation, the non-profit arm of GIGANTIC WORX will act as a huge resource, collaborating with thousands of foundations, institutions and authorities who offer ways of setting up and/or supporting music education programs in schools, groups and for individuals. To further support the causes for which GIGANTIC WORX are being created worldwide, we aim to institute a Non Government Organization (“NGO”) at the United Nations.


I invite you to join us with your Time, Talent and/or Treasure in bringing this noble cause of GIGANTIC WORX to fruition and encourage you to click “Join our Community” above to support us in this unique, culture changing venture.

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