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The Need

The Need - Music and Society


As we move deeper into the 21st century, the balance between culture, education and supportive policy grows increasingly delicate - and complex. Successful cultural and educational institutions must reverently preserve the past, boldly engage the present, and discerningly guide the future. Driven by artistic integrity, technological innovation, and a progressive eye to their global incorporation, Gigantic Worx represents a new era for the arts and sciences - unlike anything the world has experienced before.


Gigantic Worx serves to simultaneously expedite economic growth, catalyse academic success, and synthesise the arts and sciences into one profound driver of global prosperity. Locally, each Center will sustain hundreds of jobs, utilize green energy and water technologies, and partner with the public and private sectors to empower surrounding communities with greater infrastructure.


Budget cuts and shifts in curriculum priorities are the pervasive trends in music and arts education. Depending on economic climates and political policy, governments and institutions have made cut backs on, or even completely eliminated, music and other arts related programs in schools, in order to simply meet the demands of teaching basic academic skills to an ever-increasing student body. Recent studies measure the effects of these trends with alarming results. While the wheels of political and educational policies can be slow to change, immediate action must be taken to correct the negative repercussions of decreasing music education opportunities not only for our youth, but for the future cultural development of mankind.

All aspects of GWC’s infrastructure serve to advance cultural and economic evolution. Its global impact will educate and empower children, adults, students, professionals, and seasoned visionaries for ages to come. GIGANTIC WORX experiences are being designed to do just that and to impact visitors, particularly the 8-18 year old demographic in a very positive and profound way. We understand the financial position governments and institutions across the globe are facing. However, music and arts appreciation and education is of primary importance in our lives and to perpetuating cultural and economic success as a whole. The goal of each GIGANTIC WORX center is to create a compelling environment full of experiences designed to fill the gaps in music and arts education programming in formal education settings. Music and the Arts offer us all unique opportunities, which forge creativity, self-expression and the problem solving skills our complex world requires today.


With this in mind, we are working to partner with as many pro-arts organisations, schools and educators, world-renowned talent, technical innovators, musical institutions and corporations alike, to create a unique multi-million dollar, fully immersive and interactive entertainment, educational, experience-based, and resource facility, all housed in equally impressive architectural landmarks wherever they are built around the world.

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