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Project overview

Project overview

GIGANTIC WORX is, quite simply put, unlike any other educational, or entertainment experience the world has ever seen. The Centers are being designed as the nexus between music, the arts, science and mathematics - enlightening, inspiring, empowering, engaging and entertaining everyone experiencing them to walk away profoundly altered by what they encounter within the domed walls.


GIGANTIC WORX are multi-domed facilities. The pioneering flagship is planned to be located in the United Kingdom, celebrating music and its vital interconnectivity with the arts, and sciences. This will be achieved by the creation of a number of completely immersive, interactive, auditory, visual, virtual, and physical exhibits. 


Each individual Centre will be designed to celebrate the culture and region in which it is located. Using a unique construction method, whereby a cluster of domes in varying sizes and inspired by celestial designs, are based on the concept of Pythagoras’ Music of the Spheres and will be formed to create a visual masterpiece in it’s own right.

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