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Education & Entertainment

Education & Entertainment


GIGANTIC WORX will literally change the face of educational entertainment by becoming the benchmark by which other facilities will be measured. The facility strives to become the embodiment and culmination of contemporary education/entertainment centres. We are dedicated to bringing the best and brightest together to create a holistic experience that is made up of many exhibits and interactive opportunities. These are designed to work together to create an overall experience for visitors. In the traditional educational museum experience, visitors typically interact with exhibits in a more one-sided way. Our experiences will be completely immersive and interactive. They will respond to and incorporate input from the visitor, illustrating a true and immediate “cause and effect” experience that builds on the preceding events which are unique to each individual, every time they visit.


It is important to point out that because the experiences are so interactive and driven by the inputs of the individual, it will be different each time that same person returns. For example, what little Johnny experiences from an audio/visual perspective on Monday will be different than what he experiences on Wednesday, or again on Friday. This varied experience will persuade little Johnny to visit the centre on multiple occasions and generate multiple ticket sales and/or facilitate membership! Traditional educational and museum centres, have rotating exhibits and in many ways are more static in nature. Repeat customers! What business does not strive to create a repeat customer base?

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